Posted on 29th February 2020

Do you wash your hands enough?

Good hand hygiene is one of the most important tools in preventing illnesses. It can help protect us and our families by preventing the spread of infections – infections which may require treatment with antibiotics.
Risk can be reduced by simply washing your hands properly. It will decrease the possibility of spreading illness and means antibiotics are preserved for when they’re needed most.

By following the steps below, everyone can ensure they have clean hands:

  • wet hands with warm water;
  • apply enough liquid soap to cover the surface of both hands;
  • rub hands together, thoroughly applying the soap to all areas including the backs of the hands and between the fingers;
  • rinse hands with warm water;
  • dry both hands thoroughly.

It is important to remember that anti-bacterial gels and wipes are generally not a substitute for washing hands with liquid soap and warm water, as they may not be able to remove contamination (bugs and germs) in an effective way.

However, gels and wipes may be useful as a short-term measure if hand-washing facilities are not readily available.

(Guidance Source: Public Health Agency)

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