Posted on 8th March 2021

International Women’s Day – Celebrating Care Workers

On International Women’s Day we celebrate those women who change lives everyday…. the Women who Care for a living…not just our colleagues, all Women who provide care.

#NWCare is honoured to have as colleagues, such amazing women – who are ‘the difference’ in the community front line.

On this day it is important to highlight their achievements and challenges, as occasionally the significant role carers do is perceived with some negativity, especially in terms of the actual work they do, quite simply it is occasionally a stigma and an unfair one. It also, may we add, is not only a sector that women work in.

Carers hear this line all the time, from the ‘I couldn’t do that kind of work’ crowd…. What, do you mean, you could not show compassion, empathy, support, kindness? All the things that one day you or a loved one may need!

As International Women’s Day this year is seeking to challenge stigma and stereotypes…we wanted to introduce you to Mary. Mary embodies what it really is to genuinely care and truly brighten up someone’s face every day, whilst providing professional care.

Mother of four, Mary Monaghan from Fermanagh has challenged any such stigma and stereotype most of her working career…she is without doubt a community hero. Long before #COVID19 focused the celebration of making those in the health and social care sector ‘Heroes’, Mary and her colleagues have been out quietly making a difference across Fermanagh.

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Mary – “I’ve been working in Care for a good while now, and still after all that time, I have to say I really do love what I do. Community Care is so much more than helping someone to get washed and dressed, we help people who need all kinds of support. Our Care is not just about the extra hand here and there or the supporting arm, it is also about the mental health support and confidence we bring to those who want to live in their own home”.

Mary, more than anyone knows the value of making a difference and you can hear the heart ache in her voice when she talks about the difference community care workers make to another person, unknown to the world around them, carers are in the majority of cases, the only person that client or service user who needs help, might see that day.

Mary – “You need to see the face of someone who has not seen anyone else all day, especially now during hard times. Everyone in the industry can see it, but people’s face’s really do light up when you come to the door. When someone welcomes you into their home, they are opening up mentally and emotionally as well, and it’s really hard to describe the connections you build. We obviously go about our work professionally, but after a while many clients look at you as part of their wider family… you become a small part of their home and life”.

Mary knows only too well how tough #COVID19 is for everyone, sadly it has also impacted her ability to spend time with family, her duty to care is a commitment that many will not appreciate and for those that know her well, they are immensely proud. Mary’s passion for the work also inspired her daughter to move into the sector, another impressive Woman who plans to use this experience to further her education.

Mary – “I am proud of what I do, I am proud that my daughter was inspired to join me to work in community care, I am proud of all my colleagues…they are amazing, and I am proud of the difference I make every day in Fermanagh…. The rural community would be lost without these services and worse again, the community would be a lot lonelier for many folks”.Better days are coming, and the wider community is seeing how important Community Care is, and like all Health and Social Care workers out there, Mary is also looking forward to better days.

Mary – “When things go back to normality I long for a nice Spa break with some of my loved ones, it’s been hard on us all, I hope when they read this and know that I miss them and that they take comfort in knowing I am bringing a smile to someone who may not have anyone else”.

On International Women’s day we want you to celebrate Mary as a representative and figure for all of her colleagues out there…a proud Woman…a proud Mother… making a difference in the Community.

Thank You All

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