Posted on 6th July 2020

Neville’s Calling to Care

Neville McKinley – Fermanagh Carer of the Month – June 2020

For many people the thought of becoming a Community Carer has never crossed their mind.

Many of us move into careers paths that we had not planned for, and sadly in some cases….we don’t like,….then years later find ourselves doing it cause the practicalities and bills of life make it difficult for us to change.

But for some, the move into care can be a lovely surprise. Neville McKinley from #Enniskillen discovered Care and was really surprised at how well he took to it.

“For reasons I would never wish on anyone, I watched firsthand how those who work in care looked after someone you love….providing them with the dignity and respect that you have had for them all your life….I will never forget that care and those that provided it…..I think seeing that care so close to home really opened my eyes”.

“As fate would have it, I received a call from a friend encouraging me to consider a career in care and that maybe I should explore it. I always loved working with other people and I enjoy the variety of meeting new people and being out and about, so I went for it…and here I am”.

Neville has settled in amazingly to Health and Social Care with #NWCare and is another example of all the excellent male Carers we have operating across #Fermanagh and #NorthernIreland, providing care support for people in rural and urban areas.

Like Neville’s family we are all extremely proud of him and over the moon to see him become #NWCare Carer of the Month for June 2020 in #Fermanagh

Photo: Neville McKinley is presented with voucher by ASM Samantha Caudle

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